Dalendo is an excellent restaurant crowdfunding platform that aims to be a major provider of vegan investment products to the vegan commercial investor market. 

Having identified the situation that only a few out of several vegan startups seeking capital is able to raise sufficient funds, Dalendo has developed a unique methodology to guarantee a 95% success rate for launched campaigns in the vegan restaurant crowdfunding aspect. 

Vegan restaurant and crowdfunding 

Veganism isn’t just about healthy and delicious foods only, veganism also saves water worldwide, cuts greenhouse gasses and emissions associated with meat production, and helps slow climate change. With respect to this, more and more people are going vegan. To promote veganism and boost their business, entrepreneurs are opening vegan restaurants in parts of the world, including Los Angeles. 

As with any restaurant, opening a vegan restaurant requires a significant investment. To make matters worse, banks don’t lend to new businesses and it can be difficult to get adequate funding at a reasonable rate from formal brick-and-mortar lenders who may be familiar with seeing restaurants as a high-risk lending target. This is where crowdfunding a restaurant can come into play. 

Crowdfunding has become more popular over the years and restaurants have been turning to it at an increasing rate as well. Not only does crowdfunding provide an alternative way to securing financing for your vegan restaurant, but it also enables restaurants to form deeper connections with customers by enabling them to become investors in the business. 

When it comes to crowdfunding your vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, Luxembourg, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, Dalendo is the right platform to turn to. 

Benefits of crowdfunding for a restaurant 

  • Crowdfunding is an ideal way to interact with potential customers. 
  • Crowdfunding reaps more than just financial rewards, it also frees the entrepreneur from having to take investor money. 
  • Building a base of pioneers is another result of crowdfunding. A successful campaign, (and with Dalendo, it will be successful) will create a base of early supporters because they are invested in the project. 
  • With minimal obstacles to entry, crowdfunding a restaurant can be the trigger a restaurant needs to get off the ground. Beyond this, restaurant crowdfunding is a great way to build a community, and gauge guest interest. 

Crowdfunding your vegan restaurant with Dalendo 

  • Crowdfunding with Dalendo can help you achieve your dreams, in this case, help you as an entrepreneur to raise funds for your vegan foods restaurant. 
  • Dalendo helps Los Angeles entrepreneurs to launch vegan investment crowdfunding, allowing investors and shareholders to invest in their vegan startups. 
  • Dalendo brings together all types of investors and vegan entrepreneurs to fund their vegan businesses. 
  • Being a participative financing platform for companies and entrepreneurs who want to boost the dynamics of the green economy and the achievement of the sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations, Dalendo is the right crowdfunding platform to turn to for funding for your Vegan restaurant. 

Getting funding for your vegan restaurant in Los Angeles can be a difficult and exhausting process. But, with Dalendo we help you succeed. Launch your crowdfunding campaign now.