Given the current situation regarding global warming in the US, it’s a requirement for the US to develop green projects via green entrepreneurship. The U.S encourage entrepreneurs to innovate and do green projectsDalendo is the unique crowdfunding platform to promote sustainable projects.

What is green entrepreneurship? 

Green entrepreneurship is a subset of entrepreneurship that aims at creating and executing solutions to environmental problems and promoting social change so that the environment is not harmed. 

In other words, green entrepreneurship is businesses and companies coming up with solutions that have a universal application and can help save the environment. 

Getting into green projects: through crowdfunding

Getting into green projects, like any other form of entrepreneurship involves getting enough financing to kickstart the business. 

But, green entrepreneurs often experience difficulties gaining finance for their ventures from traditional sources because of risk and uncertainty. 

It is therefore important to explore alternative financing schemes for green entrepreneurs. And then, comes “Crowdfunding”, which represents an interesting opportunity, with several major advantages. 

Crowdfunding is an ideal source of finance for green projects aimed at reducing global greenhouse emissions through investments in renewable energy plants and technologies. 

Crowdfunding is not only a means to finance a project, but also a way to authorize a more inclusive and democratized society- this aspect is especially important for green projects which increases local awareness. 

Dalendo: The crowdfunding platform with a specialty in Green project 

Dalendo is the only platform in the USA which focus on helping entrepreneurs to develop their green projects to fight against global warming and make their business last thanks to the support of American donors and international donors. 

Dalendo is a participative financing platform for companies and entrepreneurs who want to boost the dynamics of the green economy and the achievement of the sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations. 

Why Dalendo? 

  • Dalendo is a crowdfunding platform, which specializes in green and renewable energy projects, by bringing together innovators seeking financing and a wide range of investors, backers, and shareholders. 
  • Dalendo is a platform that offers crowdfunding which is focused on investments for climate solutions nationwide. 
  • Dalendo aims to give people the direct impact they have been looking to make on climate change by providing access to financing through crowdfunding. 
  • Dalendo can, through crowdfunding empowers anyone to take meaningful action in the fight against climate change. 

Individuals or organizations looking to start their own green project can find the proper financing through Dalendo crowdfunding.

If we’re going to drive serious, long-term change in the fight against the climate crisis, we need more people and more capital to get on board, and with Dalendo crowdfunding, this will be possible.