Whether you’re looking to fund your project, prove your business model, test your market or bring change to the world, Dalendo offers the opportunity to realize your dreams by attracting enthusiastic backers. 

Dalendo provides project owners with an opportunity to raise funds. 

What is crowdfunding? 

Crowdfunding is a means to raise funds for a particular cause or project by asking a large number of people to donate money, usually in small amounts, and usually during a short period of time. 

Advantages of crowdfunding 

  • crowdfunding can be a quick way to raise finance with no upfront fees 
  • through crowdfunding, money can be raised quickly and campaigns can go viral 
  • crowdfunding is an ideal form of market testing and marketing research, seeking the opinion of the target audience 
  • crowdfunding is an alternative finance option if you have struggled to get bank loans or conventional funding 
  • crowdfunding is a good way to test the public’s reaction to a particular product or idea. 
  • investors can often become the most loyal customers through the financing process 
  • Crowdfunding enables more productive risk management as there is often less risk for smaller businesses 

What/Who is Dalendo? 

Dalendo is a participative financing platform for companies and entrepreneurs who want to improve the dynamics of the green economy and the achievement of the sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations. 

Dalendo is also a crowdfunding platform that is focused on the creation of sustainable jobs to help entrepreneurs live off their passion. 

Why Dalendo? 

  • Dalendo is a crowdfunding platform made by market development experts who understands your needs. 
  • Dalendo focuses on the creation of jobs to help entrepreneurs implement their projects. 
  • Dalendo is specialized in particular crisis communication respecting your values 
  • Dalendo also helps expatriates who are investors and entrepreneurs from Luxembourg, the U.S. and other eligible countries 
  • Dalendo’s mission is to federate people from different countries around the world, around projects that create value for both project promoters and contributors. 
  • Through crowdfunding, Dalendo can help validate your idea and gauge the size of your audience 
  • Dalendo crowdfunding enables start-ups, small businesses, and innovative ideas to get financial backing. 
  • Dalendo helps entrepreneurs raise funds for sustainable business models. 
  • You can use the Dalendo crowdfunding campaign to gauge public perception, generate interest, and obtain feedback. 
  • Through Dalendo crowdfunding, you can create community support for your project and build on these important relationships and customer loyalty 
  • Entrepreneurs can use Dalendo to help achieve international goals. 

Even in their own city, entrepreneurs can raise funds to get their neighbors take conscious of the necessity to adopt green behaviors and impact their community positively. 

Organizations, businesses, and individuals alike can make use of Dalendo crowdfunding for any type of project, for example, charitable causes, green technologies, industries, creative projects, cultures, music, business startup, school tuition, personal expenses, restaurants, transportation and logistics, agrifoods, fashion, and women entrepreneurship, just to name a few. 

Crowdfunding has become a popular way to raise money for all sorts of businesses and other purposes, and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work for you too. 

If you are thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign for your project, start raising funds on Dalendo.